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Do you want system restarted?

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Post  Deadlykyru on March 16th 2011, 1:47 pm

Hello Cabal Online players,i just want to know if you want to get all from 0 i mean to restart the server from 0 and all to get it from 0 and make the server no reborns , low XP , maxim lvl 200 , etc...i think with that we can make more , we can add another futures,new monsters ,i'll gonna try to add the chaos arena as a map where you can train up your character , or if not because i'm not sure if i can do that , then i'll add new monsters on Channel 5 Will gonna remove 1 normal channel and i'll create only 1 normal channel :

Channel 1(Normal)
Channel 2(HardCore)
Channel 3(HardCore)
Channel 4(Special)
Channel 5(Special)

Channel 4(Special),Channel 5(Special) will be only for who will have maxim level.
And we can add new drop and so on ... change TG reward and much more , just let me know if you want that.

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